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For well over half a decade, Rudraksha has been in the business of change – rearranging and reshaping molecules to create new technologies. All along, innovation has served as the cornerstone of our success.

Today, Research & Development at Rudraksha is accelerating when the world needs it most.

We’re harnessing the power of chemistry to make the world safer, cleaner, and greener for generations to come. We focus on developing products and solutions that make improvements in the world, significantly helping to solve challenges and personal health and safety.

It’s the job of our Research & Development organization to examine technical and market issues, develop solutions, and assess the risk-adjusted potential return for our company . This ensures that we can deliver an enduring innovation engine with a greater chance for success over time and across technologies.

These are challenging times, but solving hard problems is one of the most rewarding experiences a scientist or researcher can have.