Dimethicone copolyol is a water-soluble type of silicone, which means it dissolves in water and washes out easily. For this reason, it’s considered lightweight and doesn’t contribute to build up. Finally, cyclopentasiloxane is a silicone derivative. Dimethicone is known for that same slippery skin feel that cyclopentasiloxane is known for, but mainly it’s distributed for skin care uses. Dimethicone has been evaluated extensively and dimethicone safety has been approved for use in cosmetics. In cosmetics, dimethicone is probably one of the most valued silicones of them all. Rudraksha manufactures and exports Dimethicone to all cosmetic industries.

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  • Dimethicone in cosmetics is used as a skin protectant and anti-foaming additive.
  • It also works very well in helping the skin retain moisture.
  • Dimethicone in cosmetics is used for creams and serums to help smooth the skin and give it a hydrated appearance.
  • Dimethicone cream to be used to treat skin conditions like dermatitis where the skin is chronically dry, patchy, and itchy.
  • It reduce inflammation, dimethicone creams are also used to treat conditions like rosacea.
  • The other dimethicone use is to treat lice.
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