About Us

Rudraksha Allied Chemical Private Limited is a pioneer in the manufacture of Calcium Nitrate in Nagpur, India. We have been manufacturing the different forms of Calcium Nitrate (liquid, melt, crystals) for over two decade. We are exporters and suppliers of calcium Nitrate Solution/Liquid 45 % and Calcium Nitrate Solution/ Liquid 50%.

Rudraksha has recently commissioned Concentrated Nitric Acid (99%) plant with by product of pure dilute Sulfuric Acid. This dilute sulfuric acid is used in manufacturing of all kinds of sulphates by Rudraksha.

We can provide qualified products of calcium nitrate crystals (tetrahydrate). We are enjoying a good sale and a good reputation in worldwide markets like Dubai, UAE, Muscat(Oman), Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethopia, Srilanka, Vietnam etc. Exploring to cater USA, Australia, Europe, South Africa, Latin America. Our company is aiming to provide qualified products and set up long term cooperation with clients. We will be a client reliable partner in.


  • Developed MgO & Mg(OH)2: Rudraksha has recently developed High grade Magnesium oxide (99.5% min) and Magnesium Hydroxide (97-98%). This grade of Magnesium oxide would be first of its own kind to be manufactured in India.
  • New CNA Plant: Rudraksha has recently commissioned a new Concentrated Nitric Acid (CNA) plant at Nagpur which is centrally located in India.
  • Developed & Patenting the Purification of Red Water: Rudraksha had developed and is patenting the purification of Red water from Ordinance factory.
  • R & D with Ordinance Factory: Rudraksha is associated in R & D with Ordinance factory Bhandara for extraction of RDx from Spent Nitric Acid, removal of NC from white water & developing some new products.
  • Manufactured 99.9 % pure Nickle (Ni): Rudraksha is set to manufacture 99.9 % pure Nickle (Ni) metal & has already started working on the same.
  • R & D and Extraction of Lithium (Li): Rudraksha is working & is into R & D for extraction of Lithium (Li).
  • Planning of Calcium Nitrate Granules plant in India & Abroad: Rudraksha has planned to set up an Calcium Nitrate granules plant in India & abroad with keeping view on geographical aspects on demand & utmost economic feasibility.
  • Graphene:
  • Sewage Extraction: