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We are living in an age of unprecedented progress in the chemical industry with numerous inventions. And this is just the beginning. As an experienced and leading company, Rudraksha Allied Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has an inherent stake in this and clear responsibility. Chemicals are as relevant as ever to the future success of our world. Our goal is to manufacture innovative products adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. We foster a culture of innovation by putting research and development at the heart of our operations. We have some of the best and brightest people in the field who work for us.

We are pioneers in manufacturing Calcium Nitrate at Nagpur (India). For over two decades we have been manufacturing the different forms of Calcium Nitrate viz. Liquid, Melt & Crystals. We also manufacture Calcium Nitrate Solution/Liquid (45% / 50% / 55%) and qualified products of Calcium Nitrate Crystals (Tetrahydrate). We also have a Concentrated Nitric Acid (99%) plant which produces pure Dilute Sulfuric Acid as a by-product. We use this Dilute Sulfuric Acid in manufacturing Sulphates.

Our customers are spread across the world in regions like India, Dubai, Muscat (Oman), Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Australia, USA, etc. We look forward to catering to Europe, South Africa, and Latin America.


We have recently developed High-grade Magnesium oxide (99.5% min) and Magnesium Hydroxide (97-98%). We feel proud to say that this grade of Magnesium oxide would be the first of its kind to be manufactured in India.

We have developed the process of purification of Redwater affluent from the Ordnance factory. We have initiated the patenting of this purification process. Once completed this patent will help Rudraksha win many relevant projects.

We have associated for research and development with the Ordnance factory (Bhandara, Maharashtra, India)for extraction of RDX from Spent Nitric Acid, Removal of NC from White Water & Developing some new products.

We are working on the extraction of Lithium (Li). It is a very innovative and challenging project for us. This project will open up many avenues and will lead us to many more business opportunities across the world.

We have planned to set up Calcium Nitrate granules plants in India & abroad strategically location considering geographical aspects on demand & utmost economic feasibility.

It’s no secret that there’s challenges associated with large scale graphene manufacturing, anyone in the industry will tell you this. However, we have taken up the challenge to innovations with Graphene.

Nickel is known primarily for its divalent compounds since the most important oxidation state of the element is +2. Nickel hydroxide usually occurs as green crystals that can be precipitated when aqueous alkali is added to a solution of a nickel (II) salt.

Sewage stinks. It causes pollution. Few people care where it goes. Fewer chemists want to work with it. And yet, with the help of the right technology, sewage could become a reliable, low-cost feedstock for chemicals and other materials.

Rudraksha has diversified in supplying turn-key projects to chemical industries. We also facilitate and fulfill the civil and engineering aspects of these turn-key projects too. We are sure that this is going to be one of our forte going forward in future.