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Calcium Nitrate Solution/Liquid 45% & 50%

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Calcium Nitrate Solution Industrial Uses:

1. Calcium Nitrate for Drilling Fluid & Oil Control:

Specific nitrates based application for the oil & gas sector. Application: OBM & SBM’s : Internal phase to replace Calcium Chloride. Clear brine solution: Inorganic flocculent. Fracturing Fluids: Inhibitor of Sulfate-reducing bacteria during By using Calcium nitrate in place of calcium chloride this offers several advantages.

2. Calcium Nitrate for Rubber / Latex :

Calcium nitrate is mainly used as flocculants in rubber latex Synonyms: Nitric acid, calcium (II) salt; calcium II nitrate, tetrahydrate (1:2:4); Calcium Nitrate, 4-Hydrate; Calcium Dinitrate Applications: Calcium nitrate is mainly used as flocculants in rubber latex and refrigerant as cement anti-freezer, phosphorizing agent in steel industry and it is also employed in oil exploratory well and sewage treatment, etc. In agriculture it is used as soiless culture and fast-effective fertilizer for acid soil.

3. Calcium Nitrate for Explosives:

Caclium Nitrate is also used in explosives for blasting rocks and in mining.

4. Calcium Nitrate for Waste Water Treatment/Sewage:

In wastewater management, calcium nitrate creates an anoxic biology, which restricts the metabolism of odor-creating components such as hydrogen sulfide, in turn preventing foul odors. Calcium nitrate demonstrates robust potential in odor removal in municipal wastewater facilities and sewer networks.Calcium nitrate has widespread applications and has demonstrated great potential across multiple sectors. Given that calcium nitrate can help mitigate industrial odors by nearly 90 percent by preventing wastewater from becoming septic, more and more communities are taking stock of these advantages and working toward greater use of calcium nitrates in their wastewater management programs.

5. Calcium Nitrate for Application for Odor Control:

In the preventative mode, preventing sulphate from being reduced to hydrogen sulphide in anaerobic sewer conditions. Nitrate Applications for Hydrogen Sulphide Control Calcium Nitrate can be used in certain applications where hydrogen sulphide odour is already present (curative) or to prevent the formation of hydrogen sulphide (preventative) odour.

6. Calcium Nitrate for Horticulture:

Calcium nitrate is used for horticulture, soilless fertigation cultures and foliar spraying, growth of plants, processing vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes. For high-tech soilless fertigation cultures and for foliar spraying, we offer the purest horticultural grade calcium nitrate available, resulting in a fully transparent solution. Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Grade.

7.Calcium Nitrate for Floriculture:

Calcium Nitrate provides nitrogen and calcium nutrition for flowers. Calcium is an essential nutrient for development of all plant tissues and an adequate supply and uptake assures a longer shelf life for floriculture.

Specification Data Caclium Nitate 45%
Physical value Upper Limit Lower Limit
pH 7 6
Impurities Typical values
Copper Non Detectable
Iron Traces
Lead Non Detectable
Manganese Non Detectable
Water insolubels Traces
Specification Data Caclium Nitate 50%

Appearance Colourless Liquid
Odor Odorless
Assay Calcium Nitrate – Ca(No3)2 %W/W 51.1
NO3 %W/W 38.5
Nitrogen %W/W 8.7
Nitrate Oxygen 441 gms/ltr
(3.68 lb/gallon
Specific Gravity @ 370C 1.51
pH 5.9
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