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Calcium Nitrate

We are pioneers in manufacturing Calcium Nitrate at Nagpur (India). For over two decades we have been manufacturing the different forms of Calcium Nitrate viz. Liquid, Melt & Crystals. We also manufacture Calcium Nitrate Solution/Liquid (45% / 50% / 55%) and qualified products of Calcium Nitrate Crystals (Tetrahydrate). We also have a Concentrated Nitric Acid (99%) plant which produces pure Dilute Sulfuric Acid as a by-product. We use this Dilute Sulfuric Acid in manufacturing Sulphates.

Our customers are spread across the world in regions like India, Dubai, Muscat (Oman), Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Australia, USA, etc. We look forward to catering to Europe, South Africa, and Latin America.