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Magnesium Nitrate

Magnesium nitrate refers to inorganic compounds with the formula Mg(NO3)2(H2O)x. All are white solids.The anhydrous material is hygroscopic, quickly forming the hexahydrate upon standing in air. Magnesium nitrate is the inorganic nitrate salt of magnesium. It has a role as a fertilizer. It is an inorganic nitrate salt and a magnesium salt. All of the salts are very soluble in both water and ethanol.

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Industrial Uses:

  • Automotive care: Related to the maintenance and repair of automobile.
  • Products for cleaning and caring for automobiles (auto shampoo, polish/wax, treatment, brake grease).
  • Antiadhesive used to prevent adhesion.
  • Antisetoff Spray powder used to make air gap between printed sheets of paper.
  • Apparel care: Products used to care for apparel (e.g., she polish, products to repair footwear or leather, wterproofing sprays, etc.)

Agriculture Uses:

  • Raising and farming of crops
  • Products used on crops, or related to the growing of crops
  • To keep vegetables green for a longer time.  Magnesium is a macronutrient that is necessary to both plant growth and health. Many enzymes in plant cells require magnesium in order to perform properly. However, the most important role of magnesium is as the central atom in the chlorophyll molecule. Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their green color and carries out the process of photosynthesis. It also aids in the activation of many plant enzymes needed for growth and contributes to protein synthesis.

Animal Rearing Uses:

  • Animal husbandry, farming of animals/animal production
  • Raising of animals for food or fur
  • Animal feed
  • Products for household pets
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